fluffyporcupine (fluffyporcupine) wrote in nae_is_hot,

One word: Divachain
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okay... so this needs some explanation.

remember when i made that divacup post in tmi?
well, heather, matt, and ben saw it.
we were all working at the jyg kallah this past weekend and i had an asthma attack. i went to sit down and relax and try and get through it without needing to get mom. well, ben and heather mosey over to me and a conversation similar to the following occurred-

ben: you okay?
me: yea, asthma.
ben: well, i know what you need to make you feel better. another piercing!
heather: you know, she does want her clitoris pierced...
me: no, i wanted the hood and i don't anymore.
ben: you loose feeling after 2 years you know...
matt: you don't want that do you?
heather: no!!!
me: i'm rather partial to my clitoris
ben: you should get it pierced, and hook a chain to it, and connect it to your divacup! then you could have it hanging down and feel like you have a penis!
me: i'll pass

then more crappy inappropriate conversation occured... oh ben, matt, and heather... you guys are awesome. and thanks for sharing the bed with me heather.
oh the inappropriate things that go on at a JUNIOR youth group event! I love you guys!